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Privacy Policy

NAHC has updated its Privacy Policy. The Policy can be found under “NAHC Latest Key Docs” at the top right hand corner of this home page. NAHC requests that all current and prospective owners and all current and prospective tenants read NAHC’s new Privacy Policy.


Significant preparation is now underway to ensure the National Affordable Housing Consortium (NAHC) and its partners are well placed for the NRAS Round 5 Tender.

The shovel ready tender closed on the 22nd May 2013.

NRAS Round 5 tender opened on 7th May 2013 and will close on 6th August 2013. Up to 10,000 allocations will be available for dwellings that will be ready for tenanting in 2015 and up to June 2016. 

NAHC are now calling interested parties to submit an Expression of Interest Form. To obtain the EOI Form and further information, please contact Daniela Weatherill on 07 3169 2507 or email 

Name Change

From the 2nd of January 2013, Queensland Affordable Housing Consortium will be trading as National Affordable Housing Consortium (NAHC). All contact details will remain the same.

ATO Private Ruling

The Australian Tax Office has released a private binding ruling on the public ATO register which concerns the apportionment or rental expenses for NRAS Approved Rental Dwellings.

That ruling provides: ‘While derivation of assessable income by way of rent is one objective achieved by your participation in NRAS, the receipt of government incentives, including state government NANE (non-assessable non-exempt) income is another. The costs associated with making your property available as an NRAS rental property would need to be apportioned to reflect the derivation of associated assessable income and NANE income. Accordingly the rental expenses you will incur in respect of the rental property must be apportioned, limiting your claim for any deduction to the portion of costs relating to the derivation of assessable income’. A full copy of the private ruling may be obtained here.

Importantly a private ruling on the ATO register cannot be relied upon by members of the public (other than the private recipient of the ruling) in their tax returns. The ATO advises: ‘the rulings in the Register have been edited and may not contain all the factual details relevant to each decision. Do not use the Register to predict Tax Office policy or decisions.’ NAHC cannot provide taxation or legal advice. Investors should receive their own taxation advice in respect of the ability to claim deductions for expenses (including insurance, repairs and loan interest) incurred in respect of an NRAS Approved Rental Dwelling.

NAHC: A National Leader in NRAS Delivery

NAHC has delivered over 1500 new homes across Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria over the last 30 months and has over 500 under construction.
NAHC has attracted over $700 million in private investment into affordable housing.
NAHC will delivery over 3,500 homes by June 2014.

We have a wide selection of dwellings including in regional centres with mining/energy growth.

All majer banks lend to NAHC NRAS investors. A wide range of other banks, credit unions, and building societies also lend to NAHC NRAS investors.
We are seeing a significant increase in investment from SMSF often leveraged through bank mortgage finance.

NAHC: Managed Investment Scheme Relief
  • NAHC is the only Approved Participant to offer investors a choice between a Headlease and Delivery Agreement model. Both of these models have MIS Relief from the ASIC.
NAHC: New Projects Update
  • Springfield LakesLendlease
  • North LakesStocklands
  • Augustine HeightsVarious
  • NundahProperty Solutions
  • GladstoneVarious
  • MackayVarious
  • RockhamptonVarious

Our NRAS Partners
  • Lendlease
  • A V Jennings
  • Australand
  • Mirvac
  • Stocklands
  • PEET
  • Oracle
  • Parkside
  • Rivergum
  • Impact


The Consortium meets affordable housing needs in Queensland and across Australia through the National Rental Affordability Scheme